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I’m honoured to be your guide and look forward with anticipation to sharing your journe with you 

Below you will see the steps you need to take to prepare. 


Step 1

Please complete the Intake and Consent Form 

Download in WORD

You only need to fill out the intake form once, if you have worked with me before, no need to fill it out again.


Step 2.

Read the following documents 

Information and tips about going into trance and optimising your experience.

LBL Lives Between Lives

QHHT - Past Lives


Step 3.

Listen to the following recordings at least once each but not when driving any vehicle.

Step 4 – Deposits and Payments  Listed in US Dollars

(If you are located in Canada, payment will be in Canadian Dollars)

A deposit of 50% is required to book and hold your appointment day. The balance is due the morning of your session. You can bring cash for the balance if you are coming in person. You are more than welcome to pay the complete fee now. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you. 

QHHT Session $300









Life Between Lives $350

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