Going Back to the Womb 

Based on the reports of our clients and in our experience while regressing them, we now know that the fetus can recall the events even before the development of its body and the brain because they are recorded in the consciousness of the soul (the subconscious mind).  The consciousness of the soul records all the experiences of the fetus whilst in the mother’s womb.  The fetus also feels and records all the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of the mother as its own.  In addition to this, the fetus also perceives the external environment just as we do.


As a result of this, many of our personality traits and physical and emotional problems can be traced to experiences that we had while in the mother’s womb and also during the process of giving birth.  Many emotional and physical problems, such as feelings of loss, alienation, rejection, loneliness, grief, relationship problems, separation anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia, paranoia, asthma, headaches, and sinus problems, can be traced back to the traumas surrounding birth.  Birth trauma need not be only of this life.  Birth traumas are carried from all the previous lives stretching back the very beginning of the soul when it started its journey of incarnation cycles.


  1. a)    The fetus can experience, learn and feel while in the mother’s womb.

  2. b)    The fetus not only feels but also responds to the mother’s thoughts, to her feelings, and to music as well as others around him/her. In addition, the fetus is also aware of fathers thoughts and feelings.


Once we know that the fetus in the womb feels and records all the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the mother as its own, we will all look differently at the way parenting should be done.  Parents can now communicate with their babies even before they are born and welcome them with messages of love.   They can provide the spiritual education while their babies are still in the womb and also can continue to educate the babies about the spiritual reality, even after the birth as they grow into adulthood.  


Using regression, we are able to help the individual to recall, relive, release, and resolve the prenatal and birth traumas which are the root causes of his or her emotional, physical, and personality problems.

The power is within you.

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