May 19 2019

living in love


7pm - 9pm


Are you living in love?


Deep inside of you, beyond your thoughts and your emotions, there is a part of you that is always vibrating in cosmic bliss. Yes, it's true! Are you ready to connect with that part of you? Are you ready to reconnect with the energy source within?

Join us for an evening of healing and transformation through the dynamic meditation, commonly known as Breathwork. Through the power of this special breathing meditation, we are able to access deeper levels of awareness and dive deeper into our true self.

It is a powerful experience that can bring strong physical sensations, intense feelings, emotional releases, waves of pleasure, & colorful visions. It works to clear the energy field of old emotions & traumas and can change old patterns, habits, & ways of thinking. You will leave feeling lighter and renewed. You may even experience a feeling of being "high" on energy, light, and love.

Join us, won't you?

This journey is guided by a special soundtrack made just for you, with love.

You'll feel lighter + open your heart so you can feel the love that's always within you.

Discover how emanations of calm, care, compassion + humility can contribute to SELF, balancing the equation of l.