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Reignite your fire!


You're going to do more than ignite your fire...You're going to create a burning 

in your soul that will propel you forward with a force you didn't know you HAD!


Are you feel burned out, overwhelmed or unclear about your next move?

Fire has long been associated with transformation, passion + creativity. It has the power to both destroy + create and is a powerful force of change in the natural world.


In this workshop, we'll be exploring how we can harness the energy of fire to create positive change in our lives and in the world around us.

We'll be using hypnosis, visualizations + other practices to help us connect with the energy of fire and to ignite our own inner fire. We'll explore how to tap into our passions + creativity and use this energy to fuel our dreams + goals. Throughout the workshop, we'll also be exploring the themes of transformation, change + manifestation. We'll use the energy of fire to help us manifest our desires.


Get excited to learn about:


Awakening your passion

Identifying and clearing obstacles to living with passion + purpose

Connecting with your inner flame

Cultivating a sense of vitality + renewal

Kristina will lead participants through hypnosis, journal prompts, movement exercises and oh-so-much!!

Each participant will also go home with a personalized workbook filled with cheat sheets and juicy soul prompts.

Are you ready to hit your bullseye? Let's DO this thing!

Participants are encouraged to bring a journal.

$39waitlist price 

$49after event opens 



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