Reignite your fire!

7pm - 9pm


You're going to do more than ignite your fire...You're going to create a burning 

in your soul that will propel you forward with a force you didn't know you HAD!


Are you feel burned out, overwhelmed, or unclear about your next move?

In this workshop, you will leverage the power of nature's four seasons to guide

youthrough her signature framework that will leave you crystal clear on what you

desire, what's holding you back, and how to take soul-aligned action to make

your dreams a reality.


Get excited to learn about:

What Leads to Burnout + How to Overcome It

Uncover Your Priorities + Take Control of Your Schedule

Redefining Productivity + Become a Master at Saying No

The Power of Manifestation + Set Goals With Soul

How To Take Aligned Action + Follow Your Intuition


Kristina will lead participants through meditations, journal prompts, movement exercises and oh-so-much!!

Each participant will also go home with a personalized workbook filled with cheat sheets and juicy soul prompts.

Are you ready to hit your bullseye? Let's DO this thing!

Participants are encouraged to bring a journal.