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Rife Machine

A Rife machine, also known as a frequency therapy device, is a type of medical equipment that uses electromagnetic frequencies to promote healing in the body. The technology behind the Rife machine is based on the work of Royal Rife, a scientist who believed that certain frequencies could kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the body.


The machine works by emitting specific frequencies that are thought to target and destroy harmful pathogens or promote the healing of damaged cells. The frequencies are delivered to the body through electrodes that are attached to the skin or through a handheld device that is held close to the body.


Advocates of Rife machines claim that they can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including cancer, Lyme disease, chronic pain, and autoimmune disorders. However, the use of Rife machines is controversial and not widely accepted by the medical community.

Those who advocate for the use of Rife machines believe that they offer a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to traditional medical treatments. They argue that Rife machines can be used in conjunction with other therapies to enhance their effectiveness and promote overall wellness.




​What is Rife Therapy?

Rife Therapy is based on Quantum Physics. Every living organism is made out of energy and this energy vibrates with a certain frequency. As you can imagine, our bodies contain many living organisms as we are all just hosts to billions of pathogens. Every single one of these guys has their own energetic vibration (frequency) - the good ones and the bad ones too. As our immune system weakens, the pathogens inhibit their growth & spread which alarms the immune system. The Rife Therapy device is used to pick those that are ‘screaming the loudest’ and report to us about their danger. 


We always start testing the body with high frequency detection, followed by neutralising (killing) those frequencies of pathogens found. Within a day or two, your body commences regenerating itself energetically - this is the first step of the healing process in every living organism. This process has to be repeated a few times until no active pathogens are detected.


The pathogen frequencies ‘picked up’ in this test are very sensitive - the system picks up every slightest abnormality in your body. Some problems listed might be very old and others will warn us about conditions that are only just forming - we call this a predisposition to illness. 


For example, if your test contains the word "cancer", it usually doesn't mean that you have cancer but there are some cancer cells in your body that are more active than what would be preferred. In this case, we can already commence a holistic approach to prevention. 


Another example - you had a viral infection or an injury a very long time ago and have no symptoms or problems associated with it anymore. However, the test picks up the frequency of it. It means that your immune system is still fighting the particular virus even though you don't feel ill by it or, your body still remembers the injury as it caused trauma back when it happened. This trauma may lead to an energetic disturbance or ‘alert’ in the body and healing is just impossible in this environment.


In every case, running 'killing' programs a few times in a row neutralises the unwanted frequencies of the pathogens which leads to their death. When those are no longer present, your body can start regenerating itself peacefully.


Along with colonics, a good diet and little lifestyle adjustments, we will make sure these dead pathogens will detox out of your body thoroughly and cause no harm to you anymore. This is a very important part of it as you don’t want to leave the ‘died off’ bacteria, parasites, moulds and particles of heavy metals floating through your bloodstream or lymphatic system and make you unwell.


Rife Therapy is a gentle & safe healing method that can’t harm you if overdone or if incorrect frequencies have been used. The side effects of ‘die off’ can however be slightly felt if the detoxification protocol isn’t followed. For example, if you are not drinking water but lots of coffee and/or alcohol, if you have not enough sleep or eating a diet that is harsh on your body, you may feel unwell as the toxins need to be eliminated.


This therapy is suitable for any age group, during pregnancy, before or after surgery, chemotherapy or any other procedure or condition. We can also heal pets. And yes, we can help you detox anything and everything that you don't want to keep in your body!


Treatments are available in person or remotely, we just need your DNA in the form of nail clippings (2-3 finger nails). Place them in a small zip lock or paper bag and send them to our clinic. Nail polish is not an issue.


On average, a person needs 5 sessions. With chronic illnesses, cancer, injuries and other complex conditions, you might need more sessions - basically until you feel the improvement! Remote sessions are recommended for all kinds of detoxes as we need detoxification programs to be running for up to 12 hours in one session. The cost of 5 sessions is $250 and if you need more sessions, each one after is $40. You will get a reminder & information of each session.

Please send your DNA sample to:


Heal & Glow Holistic Wellness Centre

624 Drummond Street South 

Redan, VIC 3350


Especially helpful when it comes to healing difficult or past relationships 



What is  “The Rife machine”?

At Energy wellness we are the only ones  using a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency device which uses a machine colloquially known as a Rife machine or in this case more accurately, a Rife / Bare machine. It was inspired by the work of the genius electrical engineer Royal Raymond Rife whose original Rife device was used as far back as the 1930’s.

Recovery from Cancers and major hospitals stays & surgeries. The Rife machine can generate healing fast, we have a special offer $50 per session in months of June and July  


Our machine is based on a modern resurrection of his work by Dr James Bare in the early 1990’s, and contains unique light, audio and radiowave based technology. In many respects this device can be used for similar situations to PEMF treatment. Although it is lawful for us to have the machine, and charge a fee for using it with clients, we are not permitted to make therapeutic claims for the device. There are other websites that discuss its possible benefits which you can “google” yourself.

Are we using “The Rife machine” or a device inspired by Rife’s work?


There are several companies making and selling “Rife” machines. Some of them are claiming to be selling the original Rife machine.  Others claim to be selling “Professional Rife machines”. Unfortunately these claims are nonsense, and in our view unethical as we will explain. Nobody including us, is selling or using the Rife machine. The original Rife machine was a machine invented by Dr Royal Raymond Rife in the early 1930’s. Dr Rife was an electrical engineer, not a medical doctor. By the 1920’s, Rife’s was well known for inventing the ‘Rife microscope’, one of which is today found in the science museum in London. It was at the time the most advanced microscope in the world. Anyway, we are digressing here. The machine that became known as “the Rife machine” was a device developed in the early 1930’s designed to kill harmful microorganisms, which he was able to view thanks to his microscope.


As we understand it, only around 14 original ‘Rife machines’ were ever produced, and most fell into disuse by the late 1930’s for reasons which again we suggest you “google” for yourself or by reading any of the books on Rife’s work.


The ‘Rife machines’ manufactured today

The machines being marketed today are designed to try to emulate the original Rife machine in various ways.  Some of them you can buy for a few hundred pounds, which basically involve holding on to electrodes or pads connected to a frequency generator. Unfortunately such devices have virtually no resemblance at all to Rife’s work. The Rife machine was a machine that used a gas filled tube, which when excited electrically caused the gas to ignite and produce a violet coloured light. Rife used a range of frequencies for different conditions, though the exact frequencies, waveforms, intensities and so on that he used in the 1930’s do not seem to be agreed upon. There are various images on the internet of the original device which you can find for yourselves. One thing you will notice is that the “Rife machine” did not involve using handheld electrodes, foot pads, small handheld devices or indeed any physical contact whatsoever between the machine and the subject. The various frequencies produced by the machine, depending on what settings the practitioner selected were radiated to those within close proximity to the device (within up to 10 meters), and this is what had, or was claimed to have had an effect on people. For this reason we think that any machine which involves direct physical contact being marketed today as a Rife machine or worse still “the” Rife machine is misleading, and we don’t think they should be marketed as Rife machines.


Our Machine – The Resonant Light machine

The concept for the machine we use was developed in the late 1990s by Dr James Bare, an American chiropractor. It has become known as the “Rife/Bare machine” because Dr Bare was inspired by Dr Rife’s work. In our view is the closest device currently available to the original machine.

Actually called The Resonant Light Machine, it is an experimental device, which like the original device, produces a light caused by the electrical excitation of a gas filled tube in a very specific way. There is no filament in the tube, and so the light is not coming from a bulb. The frequencies generated through this process are thought to have a resonant effect on those within the devices range. This is an expensive machine – not a cheap device that can be purchased for a few hundred pounds. We are not against these devices, and they may have some limited effect. But they are uncomfortable to use, the feeble field intensities will struggle to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body, tend to be of rather flimsy construction, and are not suitable for a clinic. Our device is designed to benefit all of the body equally and simultaneously, without needing to attach pads or electrodes which need to have physical contact with the skin in order to work. 

We think it’s the closest thing there is to the real / original “Rife machine”. But unlike the various companies claiming to sell “the” Rife machine which is an absurd claim, particularly when they are selling these flimsy little devices commonly sold for a few hundred pounds, we do not claim that it is, and neither do the manufacturers.


Does The Resonant Light (Rife/Bare) machine do the same thing as the ‘zapper’ 

No. We have heard reports that zappers and other similar blood electrification devices help some people. But they are toys compared with our device.

Does The Resonant Light (Rife/Bare) machine do the same thing as the Spooky2 machine bought for under £1,000.

No. This is a better, more sophisticated toy than a zapper. The same is true for a number of other devices

Is The Resonant Light machine safe?

Because the device is experimental, we cannot prove the machine is safe, but one of our directors has been using it experimentally in his own clinic for over 20 years, and he has not seen it harm him or anyone else.

The handheld devices which we discussed above may potentially cause burns or electric shocks if misused. Any reports you read concerning this are irrelevant, as we don’t use this sort of device.

Does The Resonant Light machine cure disease, treat disease or replace orthodox medical treatment?

We are not permitted to make therapeutic claims, but this is what we can tell you. The device has been used for over  20 years in the clinics around the world  before it was brought here to be used as a healing therapy.  He had anecdotal reports from many people who said that that it improved their health in various ways, and sometimes in somewhat unexpected ways. However we cannot claim to treat or cure specific health conditions with the machine, nor can we recommend it as a replacement for established treatments as that would be breaking the law.

For legal reasons, it must be made clear that this information is intended only as guidelines for use in experiments with resonance therapy to treat a specific ailment especially after orthodox medicine failed..
Treatment Prices
$95 for 45 min
We recommend  packages of 10 session, to be used at least twice or once a week if more. A consultation is highly recommended first $90. 
How does it work?​

The Rife Machine. Treats Disease And The Symptoms Of Many Ailments Including Cancer.

Developed by Dr Royal Rife, the Rife machine is a crystal generator designed to regenerate cells in the human body by producing sound waves compatible with the wellness needs of the cells. At birth the cells have a specific or "normal" frequency of wellness. But, due to mental, emotional, or physical trauma, or chemical toxins (internal and external, including synthetic cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs), the frequency drops to the liveable threshold frequency for pathogens, i.e. viral, bacterial, fungal, parasites, etc. These pathogens now feel welcome and take up residence in cells.This is the onset of sickness and disease. The rife machine has specific codes for 550 different illnesses to help compliment the body's natural healing ability and facilitate bringing the body back to "normal" frequency and a return to health and wellness. 




from $75.00

Coil machines are electromagnetic field generators. They can be used for the study of the effect of alternating magnetic fields on different systems.

What the Rife machine is….The machine is also called a Rifefrequency generator. Rife and his supporters say that each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency. They also say that finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency will kill or disable diseased cells.



What we offer in Rife therapy

We use the BCX Ultra for treatments…the most powerful Rife machine in the world. We adhere to Royal Rife’s original methodology of generating researched frequencies simultaneously in radio wave form and normal form. Time and intensity is totally adjustable for different client needs.

How does it work?

There is an initial discussion / consultation about the client’s condition and then the protocols are chosen. There are settings for various aspects of health. Clients generally sit comfortably in a chair holding plasma tubes and with their feet on footplates. An average Rife therapy session is around one and a half to two hours. Breaks can be taken during the session.



after cord Cutting?

Caveat: No medical claims are made for treatment with a Rife machine. Rife therapy does not replace other medical / natural protocols you may be currently on.


Feel free to bring anything with you that ties you to the cords you wish to cut.  

We will use it in our session.






In the early twentieth century Royal Rife, an American scientist, built the first microscope able to accurately observe viruses, bacteria and general cellular life in the human body. He then experimented with various frequencies to see which ones, either alone or in combination, could shatter toxic and pathogenic cells. Experiments were also conducted to see if other frequencies could encourage regeneration in some aspects of the body’s functions. Research literally ran into thousands of hours.

Each time a successful frequency was identified (called a Mortal Oscillatory Rate) it was then “piggy-backed” or combined with a suitable radio frequency. This is because most radio wave frequencies are much higher and so permeate the human cellular structure more easily. For many of the conditions a square wave was used but for regeneration, e.g. a slow healing bone break, it was found using a sine wave was more successful as it was closer to the human body’s own vibrational signature

Thousands of hours of research, involving the subjecting of pathogens, on microscope slides, to many different frequencies, resulted in a series of solid, proven and repeatable results. Below are some photos of Rife’s original microscope and some of the pathogens he observed.





E Coli




Rife’s original machines are a far cry from modern formats but the underlying technology remains the same.

Despite many attacks over the years from vested interest, the technology has persisted, for one very good reason…it works. Rife technology can support the body’s efforts to regain a healthy, toxin-free balance. It can also support many physiological healing processes.


The composition of bacteria, viruses and toxins can be complex. For this reason there is often a combination of frequencies used to target the pathogen. The machine generates these frequencies and these are conducted through cathode ray tubes that are held by the patient. When one frequency finishes, the next one starts until the entire combination is completed.


If you are a doctor, practitioner or simply a member of the public who is trying to handle a resistive condition then it may well be that Rife technology can help you. The therapy supports the body. The Rife machine’s ability to target micro-bacteria and other resistant forms with specific frequencies is unique. Working with the body, not against it, and leaving healthy cells intact, Rife frequencies can home in on unwanted pathogens. Although there is no magic bullet in natural medicine, testimonials indicate this technology can occasionally achieve miraculous results. If you are interested in finding out more about therapy click here.

  • The Best Way To Use A Rife Machine

  • There was a tremendous amount of research associated with the development of the first Rife machines (17 years), and a lot of refinement in the  programming of the different frequencies. Today’s modern user does not have to struggle with large, cumbersome devices or huge plasma tubes. They also don’t have to program each individual frequency into the machine. Modern technology has meant that most of today’s machines have presets in them and the user just has to tap a few digits in and hey presto, the machine can deliver a series of frequencies for the particular condition.

  • This means that as well as all of the basic frequency sets the modern Rife machine is also able to provide the user with some of the more powerful frequencies…such as the Healing Frequency sweep. The BCX Ultra, probably the best Rife machine, literally takes 15 to 20 minutes to learn how to use, yet offers the most powerful circuit board and the widest range of applications. So what is the simple way to use it and get good stable results?

  • A user should start by looking up the condition they want to address in the manual. Conditions are listed alphabetically. So, for instance, you would look under C for colon problems. There will be a numerical code shown beside the condition. You simply key that into the machine and then press start Allow a minimum of 24 hours between treatments. You can leave treatments up to a week apart but no more. Make sure you drink lots of fluid between sessions. 

  • Some people can sometimes get an after-effect called Herxheimer’s, which occurs when the liver and kidneys get overworked expelling the dead cells. If you drink plenty of fluids this should not occur.  Herxheimer’s is simply feeling a bit flu-like for around 12 hours…it passes and is not serious. Stick to the pre-set times when first using the Rife machine, do not alter them and remain hydrated. Ideally use the hand held plasma tubes with your feet on the footplate electrodes.

  • It’s fine for you to hold the plasma tubes close to the affected area, that will also benefit the condition and often speed the recovery curve. Sometimes one session is enough to handle some problems…this occurs quite regularly for E Coli for instance. Do not have any mobile phones on or computer screens near you when on the machine…they are emitting their own wavelengths and interfere with the efficacy of the Rife machine. If you still feel a bit woozy after 24 hours then leave another 48 hours before the next treatment, however, most people, especially Lyme’s sufferers report feeling much better the following day.

  • That’s it…it’s that simple. But remember not to start playing around with frequency cycles and times when you first start using a Rife machine. Just use it simply and on a mild gradient. After a few months of using it you can start to experiment but just stick to the basic protocols initially. It’s an idea to keep a small bottle of 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide around, use a few drops in water if you feel a bit heavy or flu’ey the following day. Just using the basic presets of your Rife machine should either eliminate your condition or begin to lessen it.

Learn to accept things the way they are,
letting go of a situation you don't want to accept or wish never happened

When people don't do what we want them to, or frustrate us for a variety of reasons
  • Different Options In Rife Machines

  • The huge range of frequencies that can be used with a Rife machine make it a formidable tool against the various pathogens that the body can encounter. But are all Rife machines built equal? Some of the researched frequencies for Rife therapy require a powerful circuit board, capable of generating a broad range of frequencies. In addition, per Royal Rife’s protocols, it should be able to offer these frequencies in different waveforms. This is because Rife technology can also be used to support the body in its healing processes. Those particular settings, which help revivify the specific physiological function such as the immune system etc, normally require the user to switch to sine waveforms and not the normal square wave form Additionally, some of the more extensive frequency settings, such as the Russian healing ‘sweep’, require quite high frequencies. Can the machine you’re choosing comply with this?

  • What other qualities should the best Rife machine possess? When it comes to specific pathogens, the user must have some different options on how to target them This involves the use of different types of electrodes  and plasma tubes. For example, someone suffering from hepatitis may want to either place sticky pad electrodes on the front and back of the liver, or tape metal electrodes on the front and back of the liver. This could be augmented by the user holding plasma tubes whilst their feet are on footplates. If the Rife machine purchased does not offer all those options then treatment may be extended over a longer period and, in many cases, not fully successful. Breast cancer suffers would be another good example of this type of specific targeting.

  • As parasites and micro organisms require high strength approaches it is also necessary that the best kind of Rife machine would offer variable strengths of intensity for the user too. Some micro organisms and bacteria can be extremely resistive and this why antibiotics often fail when used to treat them. But a Rife machine with variable options of intensity, duration and electrodes will usually shatter the resistive biofilm on these pathogens and eradicate them from the body, either by shattering them all together, neutralizing them or deconstructing them into a dead agglutinate. In all cases they will then be expelled from the body.

  • The BCX Ultra offers the user all of these options and much more. It is uniformly recognized as the best Rife machine in the world…adhering to those original protocols that Royal Rife developed all those years ago. For any one seeking to purchase a Rife machine you should investigate the specs of a BCX Ultra and then compare the rest of the products out there. It proves to be an incomparable yardstick for quality and efficiency in a Rife machine.

  • RIFE Therapy
  • All medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency. Rife treatment works by finding the frequency of the condition. An impulse of the same frequency is then used to kill or disable diseased cells.

  • What is RIFE?
  • The Rife Resonator is a machine that generates electro-magnetic frequencies, which are relayed through the body via the hands or the feet.
    In 1920 the late Dr Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a special light microscope with which he could visualise live viruses. He discovered that each virus, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific wave frequency, which he was able to witness through the lens of his microscope.
    This principle is similar to that whereby a glass is shattered by a musical note at just the right pitch. Thus an organism can be selectively destroyed without harming the surrounding tissue. This principle can be applied to the human body with absolute safety and great efficacy.

  • Although Dr Rife did his research between 1930 and 1971, the electro-magnetic frequency generators have only become accessible in recent years due to improved computer technology and the spread of information via the Internet. For many years Dr Rife was hounded and maligned by medical colleagues and big pharmaceutical companies who felt threatened by his revolutionary discoveries.

  • These RIFE frequencies can be used in the treatment of many conditions, such as: arthritis, influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, shingles, candidiasis, fibrositis, chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, cellulitis, sports injuries and many other acute and chronic diseases.
    Not only are viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but also damaged tissues are detoxified and regenerated and stress is reduced.

  • What does the treatment involve?
  • The patient sits comfortably with hand-held electrodes, or with the feet on contact plates, while a selected series of frequencies courses quietly through the body. Each frequency has its particular target. A treatment may last between 15 and 90 minutes depending on the condition being treated. Sessions are repeated several times a week until clinical improvement occurs, then once a week for a few weeks to ensure continued success.
    Symptoms of detoxification may initially be experienced, which may include headaches, lassitude or body aches, but these are only temporary and are quickly followed by a sense of well being. Good hydration is fundamental after each treatment to flush out dead organisms and metabolic waste by-products.
    RIFE treatment can be used to complement other therapies or treatments. It addresses the cause of many diseases rather than just the symptoms.

  • RIFE therapy can be experienced on its own or in combination with Ozone therapy.









A Rife machine produces electromagnetic energy waves to treat different health concerns. The Rife machine works by using a specific frequency to treat each health condition.

During a treatment you will sit or lie on a mat, or hold plasma tubes in your hands. The mat or rods are connected to a small portable Rife device which produces low energy electrical impulses. 

Everything in the world has its own natural frequency. The Rife machine was designed to detect the natural frequency of bacteria, viruses, or cells, and match them. The Rife machine emits a frequency to target the cells and causes them to undergo apoptosis (cell death). 

The Rife machine can be used to treat many different health issues. 
There are literally hundreds of conditions the Rife can treat. Some general conditions include:  
  • Pain and inflammation

  • Pathogens, including viruses, bacteria's, parasites, colds and flus

  • Fertility

  • Chronic fatigue 

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Gut health, including SIBO, Crohn’s disease and IBS

  • Heart health


60 minutes or longer
Price dependent on time 
Starts at $90 per hour

Available to hire weekly. Please enquire







The aim of Resonance or Rife therapy is to treat illnesses caused by bacterial infection by imploding the pathogens with resonance waves generated with a frequency generator. These specific frequency generators are called “Rife resonators” or “Rife frequency generators”, referring to the electrotherapy devices that are based on the pioneering work undertaken by Dr Royal Rife and Dr. Hulda Clarke. The purpose of these devices are to destroy cancerous cells and harmful pathogens by resonance waves.


This means that any disease which is caused by a pathogen, can be reversed by destroying the pathogen and restoring the individual back to wellness. The beauty of this technology is that the healthy cells will not be affected, since they function on a different frequency. 


The application of a Rife frequency generator consist of either holding an electrode in each hand and or placing one’s bare feet on the electrodes Specific low frequency currents are then applied during regular treatment sessions. Feelings of well being are often reported immediately after treatment.


Just as with disease, genetic mutations and psychological disturbances can be artificially created by certain electromagnetic frequencies, health and psychological well being can also be created by other frequencies. Not so surprisingly, the more naturally your vibrational field is attuned to the earth, the better. The geomagnetic field of the earth resonates between 7.8 and 8.0 cycles per second. This cycle is also the healthy, alpha brain wave frequency of meditating monks. Is it any great surprise to thinking individuals that natural clothing (cotton, wool, leather, etc.), uncontaminated food and herbal remedies have better vibrational fields than artificially produced products?


Because of the emphasis of frequencies that combat infections, a Rife frequency generator can be used to treat in a complementary manner a wide variety of illnesses caused by infections, especially Streptococci and Staphylococci.


The secondary application of a rife resonator device is to apply the frequencies that assist detoxification in the body. Sometimes more toxins are released after microbes are killed than can be eliminated at any one time.   How you manage your detoxification will greatly determine the success of your treatments.   Any person who has abused his health with the standard high-fat, white flour, refined sugar, animal flesh, chemical-laden diet that the food giants of the “Western” world pretend is “normal”, should follow a detoxification regimen first before targeting the treatment of a specific chronic disease. A junk-food junkie’s body is already loaded with toxins and the microbial toxins from the die-off can overburden the system unless the subject follows the recommendations in this section.


Toxins produced by bacteria etc can create almost any symptoms known to medicine.   These could also temporarily aggravate symptoms.   To avoid this simply drink enough water to flush the toxins out of the body  as quickly as they are released.   To repeat, drink enough clean pure water as possible – tap water is not pure enough, it will add toxins to your system.


One important class of supplements is electrolytes.  One’s body is activated and regulated by tiny electrical impulses.  The mineral content of the blood and other body fluids is the determining factor of the quality of these tiny electrical signals.  In a perfect world, all the necessary minerals would be provided by the wholesome food we eat.  This is not a perfect world, and our food is sadly lacking in the minerals that belong there.  Be wise and play it safe;  treat your body to a toxic cleanse and nutritional supplements before your first session with frequency experimentation.


The best detoxification method is generous quantities of pure water – 6 glasses of water a day should be the norm.   Set aside your personal water ration for the day.   It should be half gone by midday and all gone by bedtime.    One should drink water at least 30 minutes before, and at least 3 hours after meals.


Remember too that tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer etc do not count as water.   Do not use fruit cordials, squashes or anything that has preservatives. Also, freshly digested juices require the effort of digestion.   Quality fruit juices with no additives are fine. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one of the best detoxifiers known. Try herbal teas, blood cleansers, and detox teas, available from health shops.


Include fresh, whole, natural food in your diet.   Most or all of one’s food should be eaten raw.   Sprinkle cooked foods with kelp powder and vegetable enzymes. Your skin is an important organ of elimination –  exercising, saunas, body brushing can be very beneficial.    Also you will obtain optimum detoxification results through using the Detox Treatment setting on the machine. Make it a priority in your routine to regularly detoxifying in this way.


Many Rife researchers feel that the detox frequencies are so important they should be added to any treatment regimen.


Whether used on an infection or on as toxic exposure, these frequencies may be very useful in speeding recovery.  Conditions which seem to be caused by viruses may actually be caused by toxic exposure.  The symptoms may be very similar, including fever, blocked metabolism and immune response.


Even if you are dealing only with infection, detox frequencies still aid in speeding recovery.  They accelerate the elimination of toxin released by dead microbes (via kidneys, skin, lungs and colon).  While flushing out toxins with purified water is still essential to recovery, these frequencies may possibly help eliminate toxins, which are not water-soluble.  This in itself is a great advantage.


Except for destroying harmful pathogens and detoxifying the body, a proper Rife frequency instrument is capable to provide bio-energy to the body’s immune system. The electro magnetic carrier wave is beneficial to the body’s healing process. Even if a “wrong” frequency is used, the electromagnetic waves of that specific frequency is still healthy for cell regeneration and energy boosting.


The fourth application of a quality Rife resonator is to assimilate brain waves as well as the frequencies of organs and body tissues. These frequencies are referred to as bio-resonance frequencies. One can treat depression for instance with 7.8 hz that falls in the brain’s alpha wave series, treat diabetes by stimulating the pancreas and muscle spasms by stimulating the muscles.


Except treating with specific defined frequencies with a Rife instrument, resonance therapy as a holistic therapy also aims to strengthen the body’s immune system with the correct nutrition. That is being done by providing the patient with the necessary nutritional supplements and dietary plan to assist in his recuperation. In order for the bio-energy that is created by a Rife instrument to be effectively utilized by the body, the user has to supplement the body with the daily needed minerals and vitamins. To illustrate, a builder can be the best builder in the world, but without brick and mortar he is nothing. The body is a brilliant builder but as guardians we have to supply the building materials. At the end of the day always keep this fact in mind, we supply the tools but it is the body that heals itself.  A person that undergoes Rife therapy must be encouraged to drink plenty of water and to stick to the recommended diet until the series of Rife treatments have been finished. During the initial Rife therapy period (First two weeks) the patient should not consume any caffeine, sugar, yeast (this includes bread, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee). After the completion of this series of treatments, the patient should be encouraged to continue with a diet for optimum health, or at least reduce consumption of above mentioned ingredients. 


One cannot overlook the fact that there is a close relationship between the food we eat and what happens in our bodies, including acidity and alkalinity. Some foods such as alcohol, cocoa, coffee, eggs, bleached flour, and table sugar increase acidity (and should therefore be avoided) while others such as avocados, onions, and lemon juice increase alkalinity.


Even Dr. Rife appeared to acknowledge that his technology could not be considered a cure when an underlying unbalanced cell metabolism existed in the human body that was not addressed. In such cases, resonance therapy may produce beneficial effects in the short term, but the affliction could nevertheless return later as a result of the imbalance. The Smithsonian Institution’s 1944 Annual Report even contained a discussion related to this on page 215 in the article entitled “The New Microscopes: The Universal Microscope”. In this article Dr. Rife himself acknowledged that “the human body itself is chemical in nature”. This means the biochemical side of the equation cannot be overlooked, and a proper nutritional diet must be a part of the resonance therapy regimen.


Wellness depends on a complete balance of one’s body. View Rife frequencies as one of several approaches that may help one reach wellness and feel better.


One can not be a chain smoker, be angry at the world, consume too much alcohol, gulping cheeseburgers and hope a Rife machine alone will help you. Too many people spend their whole life managing their disease. It is their life and conversation topic. They have nothing else going on with them. No passions, no dreams. Create a balanced happy life and get well. Craft the most enjoyable life you can, eat healthy, be around nurturing people and stay healthy. 


Which treatment to use?

The logical rule to determine which treatment to use is to use the specific treatment for that ailment e.g. use the asthma treatment that is preprogrammed on your Rife resonator for asthma. If however there is no progress use a relevant treatment such as the “Respiratory” treatment for asthma. To assist the user of a Rife instrument with the decision of which treatment to use, Rife Health has drawn up a short list of some common ailments and their supportive treatments (See

Use wherever also a “broad spectrum treatment”.  A “broad spectrum treatment” is especially useful to address those ailments where a diagnosis is not clear or where medical treatment is not immediately available. Typical “broad spectrum treatments” that one can use when not absolutely sure about the cause of the specific condition, are for instance the “Respiratory” treatment, “Cancer Basic” for all cancers and “Skin problems” for any skin condition .

Managing treatments

Except for chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis most illnesses only need 6 sessions of the suggested treatment programme (detox excluded) within a 7 day period. Try to schedule the first 2 treatments within 2 days from each other. In all cases except with an acute disease such as influenza, a treatment should start with a detoxification regimen first. Examples of acute conditions include influenza and a fever.

Each patient’s reaction to frequency treatment will differ. Most cancer patients feel more energized after only one treatment but may only feel healthier after about 10 weeks of continuous treatments. 

Allow 1-6 hours after a treatment for a specific acute condition (Such as flu) for the treatment to generate  positive results in the body. Dead pathogens must first be removed from the body etc before healing may take place. For severe chronic diseases such as arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia 1 to 3 months of regular resonance therapy sessions are needed before a turn around is experienced.

In very advanced degenerative diseases, such as cancer it may take 3 months to see positive changes.

It may also take more time to see change in entrenched viral conditions, especially in the old and immuno-compromised, because such viruses escape destruction until reaching certain stages.

Other symptoms may take much longer to resolve, particularly if there has been metabolic damage (as in cancer) of viruses.

Pain relief is a good indication that improvement is occurring.  

On the other hand, in arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, pain and swelling may temporarily increase for the first 1 or 2 sessions, unless instructions are carefully followed. This is because the immune system releases histamine and causes swelling of joints when too many viruses are killed at the same time.

So for arthritis, an increase in pain and swelling may be a sign that sessions should be reduced to one minute per frequency.

Continue treatments well after all symptoms are gone.  Slowly cut back in treatment frequency.  This is much the same as when taking antibiotics.  They are used days after all symptoms have disappeared and usually at a decreasing rate.

In cases of terminal illness, the subject should use the frequencies indefinitely even after all symptoms disappear.  This would be a good time to start a maintenance program.

When the immune system has been devastated by drugs, a suggested regimen would be to continue the treatments with an interval of 3 days in between, for 3 times as long as it took the symptoms to disappear.

With very serious conditions, including those considered “incurable” by any conventional means, it is wise to continue periodic treatment on a regular basis as insurance against recurrence or relapse.

Microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi are pleomorphic, (able to assume different forms in their life cycle), much like a butterfly goes through different developmental stages. 

This is why one must continue the treatments even after the symptoms have ceased.   Remember the MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) applies only to a particular stage of the life cycle of the bacteria etc.

Most acute illnesses  - such as a cold, flu etc. - only need one regimen ( 6 treatments within 7 days) completion. 

After the first regimen is completed especially in the case of chronic diseases and depending on how the patient is feeling, treatments can also be done one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Chronic diseases such as Cancer, Aids, Chronic Fatigue need a continuous repetition of regimens.

With chronic ailments such as sinusitis, arthritis and cancer it is wise to have follow up treatments even after the patient seemed cured of the specific disease. This is especially evident in the case of sinusitis. After the completion of a regimen the sinusitis symptoms will in most cases be gone. However the sinusitis patient should have another specific sinusitis treatment after about two weeks. If the sinusitis had returned between the completion of the first regimen and the follow up session, it is an indication that the patient needs another regimen of treatments. Include in the follow up regimens other treatments such as for parasites and allergies as it may be that the patient’s sinusitis is caused by something else than the primary sinusitis causes.

If the sinusitis symptoms do not return one can schedule more time in between follow up treatment sessions.

Seasonal Ailment Maintenance Schedule

This regimen is ideally suited for seasonal ailments such as hay fewer and even arthritis. Substitute the “sinusitis” treatment with “Hay fever” or other applicable treatment.

A regimen is a sequence of treatments within a 7 day time span.

1. Start with a basic sinusitis treatment regimen:

Session 1: Detox

Session 2: Sinusitis

Session 3: Sinusitis

Session 4: Sinusitis

2. Follow up with a single sinusitis treatment after 14 days If the sinusitis did not return and schedule another single session for 4 weeks later.

If sinusitis symptoms are still evident use the following regimen that includes the parasite program:

Session 1: Detox

Session 2: Parasites

Session 3: Sinusitis

Session 4: Parasites

3. Space out follow up treatments. After the sixth month after the patient has had no sinusitis for 4 weeks in a row the patient only has to schedule a regimen every sixth month or if the sinusitis returns before that.

Cancer treatment schedule

Here follows a suggested regimen of treatments with a Rife resonator for Cancer (This schedule also acts as an example for chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome):

First 10 days only one (1) treatment per day. From the 11th day more treatments/sessions per day can be taken as long as the patient do not get Herxheimer reactions (a Healing Crisis).

Session 1.               Detox

Session 2.               Cancer

Session 3:               Infections

      Rest: No Session for a day

Session 4:               Detox

Session 5:               Cancer

Session 6:               Parasites

Session 7:               Detox

      Rest: No Session for a day

Session 8:               Cancer

Continue again from Session 1. The best results should be with a daily regimen of at least 2 treatments. “Treat aggressively if the cancer is aggressive”. Apply also the Parasite/Microbes programme once every week and use Pain whenever necessary. When patient feel depressed apply the "Neuro" programme.

Include time for rest from Rife treatment especially in the case of chronic diseases and frail and very ill patients.

A Healing Crisis

A proper Rife instrument built to CE specifications should hold no danger.

When subjects do not drink sufficient water they may become nauseas because of dead bacteria that turned into toxins.

Resonance therapy patients may suffer from a Herxheimer reaction, otherwise known as Healing Crisis during the initial stages of the therapy. This is not a side effect but rather a sign that the therapy is working so well that one’s body reacts to the healing change albeit it temporally uncomfortable.

Subjects may experience physical reactions during and after their first few Rife therapy sessions. These reactions can occur during a session, and up to 24 hours after a session. The reactions range from tingling, itchiness, dizziness, uncomfortable twinges and physical pain (rare). Lets explain why this may happen.

If a patient has an infection, in a tooth, for instance, millions upon millions of bacteria would inhabit that tooth and the surrounding area. If a Rife machine is turned on, suddenly the bacteria all rupture. 

This debris must be escorted out of the body through the skin, bowels, and urinary tract. In the case of severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. The good news is that the first reaction is always the worst, and there rarely is a second reaction. After the first Rife session, the client should be made aware of the possibility of diarrhea.

Patients with cancer may notice a decrease in pain, as well as a change in the size of their tumor. Urine may also become darker and greasy after the first few sessions as toxins leave the body through the kidneys.

Some patients may have difficulty sleeping the night after the first session due to increased energy. Other patients may experience what they believe to be a full blown cold the next day. One way to distinguish a cold from a healing crisis is that during a healing crisis, the client still has energy. On rare occasions, a rash may appear. If this happens, it will disappear within 72 hours. Using medication on this rash will only force back a toxin that the body is trying to expel.

Patients with bladder infections, Candida or chronic yeast infections may notice a urinary discharge. As a final note, it is not unheard of to pass a dead worm into the toilet after receiving a parasite frequency. It is important to remind the patients that a healing crisis is always temporary, and that it is better to have the offending micro-organism dead and on its way out, rather than alive and on the inside.

The only other effect that most people experience with the Rife resonators is feeling of well-being and being more energetic. That is because the nerve points in the hands were stimulated (in the case of treatment with electrodes held in the hands).

Placement of Electrodes

It is crucial that one applies the electrodes to the proper area for maximum benefit.   The hands and feet have energy pathways that lead to all parts of the body. However experiments have shown that better results can be obtained by going, where possible, directly to the “target” area.   For example, with a kidney problem one would probably have better results by placing the flat plate electrodes on either side of the kidneys on the sides of the body (encased in salt water moistened terrycloth sleeves and bound in place with a crepe bandage).   Imagine a straight line drawn between two electrodes.   The line should pass through the target area from one electrode to the other. Remember that energy currents always take the shortest route.

You may fail to eradicate a stomach ulcer, for example, if you apply the electrodes in your hands.  This is because frequencies destined for the stomach should be applied to the feet.   Try applying the electrodes to the feet of humans, hind legs for animals, for conditions involving the following:

·     Kidneys

·     Stomach

·     Liver

·     Gall bladder

·     Urinary bladder

·     Spleen

·     Pancreas

·     Tendons, connective tissues

·     Fibroids, skin and scars


Normally, the easiest way to deliver frequencies to an afflicted organ is to hold the electrodes in the hands, or rest the feet on the electrodes.  The energy pathways in the hands and feet distribute frequencies all over the body.  

When using the electrodes on other areas than under the feet, make sure that the afflicted area lies exactly on an imaginary line drawn between the two electrodes. When applying the electrodes or other parts of the body than through the hands or underneath the feet take note that one’s skin on the other parts of the body is thinner and have less sensitivity than as what the case are with hands. Your hands are sensitive to touch. One feels the electro magnetic current much better through the hands than under the feet or any other part of the body, Not feeling the current does not mean it is present or that it is not doing its job. On other parts of the body place the electrodes in cloth sleeves that were moistened with warm water to maximize conductivity or cover it with wet pieces of paper towel.

Loosely applied electrodes may sting, or if the patient changes position and a gap is formed between the skin and the electrodes.   To prevent this strap the electrodes flat and firm against the skin with a crepe bandage or even a belt.   You could also try wearing wet socks on the feet when using the electrodes under the feet. Check that the area between the foot plates is dry and keep them separated. If excess moisture seeps out of the wet fabric and collects between the strips, the current will take the path of least resistance (through the water) and fail to reach the target area. You may prefer to lie on top of one electrode with some weight to  press the other electrode firmly and flat on top of you.

If you hold the electrodes in place with your hands on your body, slip your hands in plastic bags or rubber gloves to prevent the frequencies from going through your hands instead of to the target area. This is not necessary when merely holding the cylinders in your hands for a treatment that requires that the hands must held the electrodes.  Prevent the electrodes touching each other as that means that the current takes the path with the least resistance and no frequencies will then penetrate the body.

Intensity setting

Manufacturers limit available power to low levels that are safe for patients with unrecognised heart conditions.   That is why sometimes nothing is felt.    Please note that it is normal to feel nothing for frequencies above 3000 Hz. A proper resonator device generates mild electronic magnetic waves and is not suppose to give electrical shocks. Some people are very sensitive to resonant waves while other people hardly feel anything.


Never set the intensity so high that it causes discomfort.  It is a basic rule of thumb to not feel any sensation past your wrist.  If the user’s muscles start to jump, the intensity setting is to high. Remember that one can not feel all frequencies just as one can not hear high pitched sounds. 


Some users complain that there is no sensation at all at the feet.   This is probably because of thick calloused soles.  Also the extra distance and tissue volume from one leg to the other dissipates more energy than in the upper torso. Researchers however found that foot immersion in water dramatically increase penetration of the frequencies through the soles of the feet.   


This is done by placing the plates in 2 separate containers of warm water (Try empty 2 litre ice-cream containers). Add a spoonful of Epson salts to increase the conduction.                                 

Place each foot in a separate container.  Do not place the plates in the same container.   If you do the current will flow through the water instead of the body.  


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