April 28 2022

Spring Renewal


7pm - 9pm


Spring is a time of renewal, waking up and

coming back to life. It is a portal of rebirth

and blooming - opening to new possibilities and expansion.  Invite the energy of growth and new beginnings into your life. 

As we let go of winter, we clear the path for the New, preparing for our own new growth.

Most of us live from our minds, and most of us find ourselves stuck in one aspect of life or another. Our minds keep us stuck. We sometimes forget how to make the best choices for ourselves because our minds become paralyzed or we can't escape the habits that have kept us from growing.

This workshop is an introduction to a powerful practice that can cultivate deep change in your life. It's a tool that will allow you to connect to the wisdom in your body. Purge your body of all the junk that has been weighing you down (and trust me, if you're alive, you have lots of junk).  This simple tool is the best kept secret for transformation. 

Allow yourself to let go + release trapped emotions, anxiety, stress and anything else so you can access your own truth.