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Join us for a super moon, chakra clearing, open your heart, hippy dippy

evening of letting go of your past & embracing the new moon & future.


Set and Launch Powerful Intentions for 2023!



  • Room Blessing + Sacred Energy Cleanse

  • Full Moon Meditation

  • Open Hearted Yoga Session to realign your chakras, and let go of what’s holding you back

  • Affirmations and Journal Writing

  • Intention Setting Worksheet for Setting and Launching YOUR Powerful Intentions for 2023

  • Full Moon Radical Forgiveness + Gratitude


We will end with a fire cleansing ceremony letting go of the past & burning our written affirmations...letting that shit go!


Bonus: A powerful hypnosis session that will seal it all in and open you up to access higher frequency energy!


This is the 1st Supermoon of 2023


Please bring a notebook, pen and your thoughts on how you want to intend, forgive and offer gratitude.


$39 register + pay before May 1

$49   register + pay after May 1

July 3, 2023
Full Moon + Supermoon
7pm - 9:30pm+

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