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Hypnosis Session

1 hour $120

Come in with whatever issue you want to work on and we can get started.

Don't be surprised if you learn something new about yourself during this process.  



2 hours $240

You'd be surprised what your body wants you to know!

What happens in the mind, makes its way to the body.

You ARE what you think! It's no secret that our mind and body are linked together.

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. This is often called the “mind/body connection.”

When you're stressed, anxious or upset, your body tries to tell you that something isn’t right.

Research has shown that anything which influences our minds also influences our bodies.

If you're experiencing pain, discomfort or just want to know why you're body is behaving in a certain way - lets talk.  

​If you're experiencing blocks and unsure what they are, but feel like something is holding you back, this is the session for you!

Trauma Memories

1 hour $120

This EMDR Technique helps clients to revisit their traumatic experience whilst stimulating normal communication between the hemispheres of the brain. This allows the brain to reprocess the experience in a ‘normal’ way, allowing the individual to understand what happened and remember it, but without the same physical or emotional response. There are case studies which show PTSD has been altered in just one session using this technique. An intake is required and then a 1 hour session is usually all that is needed to clear one traumatic experience.


cord cutting 

2 hours $240

This session can help you sever emotional ties that tie you to other people, places, things or situations that still have a hold on you, and you find you just can’t move on.  


past life regression QHHT - in person 


This therapeutic process of uncovering and recognizing past-life traumas can clear and resolve stress, anxiety and negative patterns. Tapping into these memories can also provide powerful insight and information that can help us resolve problems and overcome troubling symptoms in our daily lives.


past life regression- online


This is an in depth look at your past lives + connecting with your guides to recognize how past-life traumas affecting you in this life can be cleared and resolved. Bring a list of questions that you want answers to, from your guides and your higher self. The only difference between this online session and the in-person QHHT, is the QHHT specific induction + ending, otherwise you will still experience your past lives, your higher self as well as answers to your questions. 



Life Between Lives- in person or online


Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis is a process of going into a superconscious trance state to experience one's soul identity.  It's a journey into the afterlife, your everlasting home, where you live between between reincarnations. Experience who you are on a soul level, the REAL you.   This session includes regression through childhood, the womb, past life and visiting the Spirit World, meeting Spirit Guides, Soul Groups, Council of Elders, receiving restoration/healing, answers on why you chose your current life and body etc. MORE INFO

Womb Work Session

2 hours $240

Regression back to the womb can be very beneficial and healing for the client, especially if the client experienced a difficult birth or is struggling with family dynamic that have always been there. Some of the effects of these situations can lead to a life filled with confusion and anxiety, not fitting in, not belonging or feeling unwanted. 


Connecting with the afterlife

1 hour $120

Meet with your loved ones that have crossed over​. We have all at one time or another wondered if meeting our departed loved ones is possible in the afterlife. Connecting with your loved ones that have crossed over into the Afterlife is absolutely possible with hypnosis!   This is not me channeling your connection, this is you directly speaking with your loved ones.  Recording is provided.




Spiritual Journeys teaches you how to rapidly accelerate the development of your inner spiritual awareness and abilities, and then to begin exploring all you’ve learned in your higher consciousness for greater spiritual awareness.  Each Journey is deliberately structured to provide a rapid and significant increase in your spiritual knowledge + abilities, allowing you to completely assimilate + integrate the information and abilities provided in each Journey before proceeding to the next one.


Group Sessions
Group Hypnosis 2 hours 

$50 Per Person  / Minimum of 5 attendees. This can be done in person or online.

Get a group together, pick a problem area or just enjoy some extreme relaxation and confidence building!  Great for de-stressing a bridal party, taking part in a group sport or getting yourself motivated and pumped for an event you and your group wants to conquer!

Group Past Life 2 hours

$50 Per Person  / Minimum of 5 attendees. This can be done in person or online.

Past life Regression sessions can be very helpful when it comes to resolving issues in our current lives. This experience will help you examine yourself on a whole other level.  This group method is eye opening, fun, informative and very healing in a different way . You will also meet your guides for answers, clarity and healing. 

  • Who were you in a past Life 

  • your purpose for this life 

  • Abilities and Spiritual gifts

  • Healing 

  • Meet your spirit guides


Live in/Travel 

Sometimes you just need to have someone there full time to help with the changes and keep you on track.  Or to keep you going and motivated with a new routine.  Minute by minute, day by day, week by week. As you slowly adjust I will be there to help you stay on track every step of the way. Whether at your home or on the road with you. This is intense and life changing, but if you're determined to change your life and just can't get there on your own I can HELP!  Together, we will develop a full support program just for you which includes mind, body and soul.  ​

*** All missed appointments and/or appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full deposit fees.

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