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Connect with the Afterlife

Meet with your loved ones that have crossed over

We have all at one time or another wondered if meeting our departed loved ones is possible in the afterlife. Connecting with your loved ones that have crossed over into the Afterlife is absolutely possible with hypnosis!   It's simply a process of going into a superconscious trance state to experience one's soul identity.  It's a journey into the afterlife, your everlasting home, where you live between reincarnations.


When someone you care for dies, you feel grief and longing for their presence. Communicating with them in the afterlife through spiritual hypnosis can bring relief and healing to your wounded heart.


Mechanism of meeting our loved ones in the afterlife

When a person dies the physical body ceases to exist. However, the rest of the existence or consciousness continues. The existence of the person minus the physical body is known as the subtle body and it comprises of the mental, causal (intellect) and supracausal (subtle ego) bodies. In the afterlife, this subtle body then goes to planes of existence other than the Earth plane.

When you have a desire to meet a departed loved one, the energy from that single-minded thought creates a subtle (intangible) materialisation of the form of when you knew them. At the same time, the one who has died is attracted to your subtle-body because of the frequencies of desire emanating from the your subtle-body. The loved one who has crossed over then recognises you because of the familiar form of the subtle-body you have taken.

What can I expect?


  • Pre-session discussion - I’ll spend some time getting to understand your reasons for the session as well as what you hope to get out of your session. This time is important and serves as preparation for the session. A high level of trust and respect is a vital part of the process.

  • Journey to your loved ones in the afterlife.  Experiences differ with each client but the typical session includes visiting with anyone that you wish to communicate with that has passed on. This also includes pets! I take the time you need, and there is no rushing. You and your loved ones will know when it is time for you to return back to the present time.

How can this help me?

This session can offer many things;

  • The closure you may need if you lost someone unexpectedly.

  • To KNOW and understand your loved ones are safe, well and still with you.  

  • ​How they connect with you.

  • How to remain connected to them.

  • If they chose to end their life, they will often provide information to help you understand as well as release your burdens .

  • A preview of what has always been and what is to come again.

  • Insight into the understanding that life does not end when the body does.


Spiritual insight, validation and healing are highly regarded benefits that can be attained through connecting with the afterlife.  In times of personal difficulty, allowing me to guide you through this process can assist you in getting answers you need form those that are on the other side.

This is not like seeing a medium who gets messages and passes them onto you.
This is about you connecting personally and communicating directly with your deceased loved one.

If you want follow up sessions or if you just want to visit the afterlife again, that is fine too!  Most people wish they could stay longer, its a life changing experience!

**Please book time for this session on a day where you can practice self care afterward. 💞




***Cancellation Policy:

All missed appointments and/or appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full session fee. 

Sessions are intended for personal self-exploration and information only. 

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