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I believe in the power of the mind!  


I have worked and trained all over the world including India - working beside and learning from doctors + medical teams in a mental health hospital, New York, and Seattle, as well as Cape Town, South Africa where I worked with prison inmates & sex workers in the process of changing their lives. I currently still work with inmates as it is my wish to bring hope to others, showing that anyone can change their life path, regardless of circumstances and to understand that the key in changing their lives is to believe anything is possible.


My passion in life is helping people to understand the power they hold so they can also lead their ultimate lives and I would love to help you in yours. Contact me today to find out how hypnotherapy could change your life.

In addition to loving life, you might find me dreaming up new dreams, paying it forward in these crazy times we live...handing out lottery tickets, putting change into expired parking metres, all the while, thinking up my next random act of kindness. 

Specializing in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, which focuses on a holistic mind-body-spirit approach.


In order to achieve well being we must integrate the health of our mind and our body .A person is too often viewed as a sum of his parts rather than a whole being. We want to get better, but we don’t know how! 


Sometimes we know what we need to do but we can’t seem to get ourselves to do it.


Possibly we are unhappy in our relationships, or just feeling unsure what's missing. Maybe you have blocks holding you back that you just cannot figure out. There's physical pain and emotional suffering to deal with and no clear solution. We're tired and frustrated. We eat the things we know are wrong for us and not because we are hungry. Or maybe we smoke or drink to relieve the stress. How can we move forward with all these things standing in our way? With the right help, It is possible to do just that. A free initial consultation is conducted before all bookings. 



– Clinical Hypnotist 

– Clinical Hypnotherapist 

– Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 

– Certified Master Hypnotist

​– Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

– Quantum Healing Hypnosis

– Lives Between Lives Michael Newton Institute 

– Pain2Go Practitioner

– EMDR Blast Practitioner

– Addictions

– Crisis Interventions

– Adult Education

– Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner

– Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner

– Corporate Training and Development

Certified Hand Writing Analyst 

Get the life you want + DESERVE!
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