cord cutting

​What is cord cutting? 

This session can help you sever emotional ties that tie you to other people, places, things or situations that still have a hold on you, and you find you just can’t move on.  


Especially helpful when it comes to healing difficult or past relationships 


What is an energy cord?

Everything is energy (people, places, things, animals etc) and each has their own unique energy signature that can form spiritual connections, or cords. Think of energy cords as an open connection to these people, places or things.  Cord-cutting allows you to release the energetic ties that hold onto your body, mind and soul. It's deep internal healing work that fully allows you to find closure and regain your control. 

How does it work?

Cord cutting is a healing technique to help “unhook” you from unhealthy relationships, places, things / situations that you just cannot let go of. Cord cutting does not remove healthy ties or connections, just the unhealthy ones. During the session you will work through the unhealthy parts - severing all ties that are keeping you stuck or emotionally connected.  Working through whatever emotions are attached to these cords. Cord cutting can be seen as a way to release you from that person, place, thing / situation that you no longer want ties to. This session allows you to release attachment and helps you see from a higher, spiritual perspective. 

after cord Cutting?

After the session you can expect that things will realign, change + adjust. This may mean that the relationship no longer exists, or there could be a complete change in dynamics as you are no longer carrying the negative energy. It's important to keep in mind that unhealthy dynamics were serving a purpose for you in some way.  Once you disengage, you can expect a big release but there may be reactions from the other person (anger, jealousy, insecurity etc). It will be important to maintain a healthier state of being and maintaining your own sense of worth and capabilities. Trust your inner-knowing; what you instinctively feel you need is exactly where to begin healing following a cord cutting session.


Holding on can take up a lot of unnecessary energy and cause unwanted emotional attachments that are no longer necessary.

This session can be incredibly satisfying as you find your ability to let. go / move on from a situation that has been holding you back or taking your energy.  Let go of past relationships, unhealthy attachments or anything else that is keeping you tied in an unhealthy way.  Sometimes cutting cords is not to fix a situation, but to change your perspective of it.

Feel free to bring anything with you that ties you to the cords you wish to cut.  

We will use it in our session.

What cord Cutting Can help you with

These are some examples of what cord cutting can assist you with;
















































Abuse of any kind - domestic abuse, family abuse, child abuse etc.


Letting go of the past in any way


Denial - Learn to accept things the way they are, letting go of a situation you don't want to accept or wish never happened


Frustration - When people don't do what we want them to, or frustrate us for a variety of reasons


Hatred - Let go of your hate!


Heartbreak - Heal from a broken heart


Hurt - Real or imagined - physical hurt or emotional hurt. 







Repetitive processing of conflicts 


Sadness - About the past (or past events)


Separation or divorce


Trust / Betrayal


Getting back together and unable to forgive past actions


Imprisonment or jail  - you or someone close​


Getting fired 


Difficulty with  people


Unable to move on from a past relationship

Temptation to go back to a relationship that no longer serves you
Stuck on past events and unable to process through healing and closure