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Rapidly accelerate the development of your inner spiritual awareness and abilities, and then to begin exploring all you’ve learned in your higher consciousness for greater spiritual awareness.  

Each Journey is deliberately structured to provide a rapid and significant increase in your spiritual knowledge + abilities, allowing you to completely assimilate + integrate the information and abilities provided in each Journey before proceeding to the next one.  
Journey 1:  Learn Self-Hypnosis - If you've never been hypnotized before, here you will learn what hypnosis is, what it isn't, how it works, and its strengths and its limitations; you'll familiarize yourself with the overall program objectives, and have all your questions answered.  You'll also be introduced gradually and safely into a light state of hypnosis so you can become comfortable with the way it feels to be hypnotized, yet fully aware of your surroundings.  Gradually, and when you're ready to become even more relaxed, you'll be guided into even deeper states of hypnotic relaxation.  There, you'll be taught how to place yourself into this deep state of hypnotic relaxation all by yourself, and how to completely emerge yourself from this state of hypnosis without assistance.  This is the starting place for all your Spiritual Journeys, so it's important that you learn how to quickly and easily place yourself in this state and emerge yourself from deep self-hypnosis when you're through.  The deep feeling of relaxation you'll experience here is also a good way to "recharge your batteries" whenever you need -- you can easily take 30 seconds, five minutes, or whatever period you feel you need to rejuvenate and energize yourself easily and quickly.  Also, if you have trouble relaxing at night, you'll be taught how to easily and very effectively relax both your body and your mind, drift peacefully asleep, and then awaken in the morning fully refreshed after a good night's sleep.  This deep state of self-hypnosis is also a great place from which to begin your daily meditations, and you can reach the deeply meditative state within seconds using self-hypnosis.  Your one-on-one session with your Practitioner includes a free "Self-Hypnosis Deepening audio" that you'll practice with once a day for at least a week to powerfully reinforce the suggestions and instructions that allow you to achieve a very, very deep and peaceful state of self-hypnotic relaxation all by yourself.  

Journey 2:  Accessing the Spiritual Realms - During this Journey, you'll learn how to expand and raise your inner sense of awareness up into the levels of your own Higher Consciousness, and how to return safely to awareness of your physical self.  You'll be taught how to let your physical body and your conscious mind become safely protected in deep relaxation, and then allow that other part of mind, your higher awareness and consciousness, to separate and rise freely into your Special Area in the higher dimensions.  There you'll feel and experience all the unconditional love, light, happiness and joy in this "heaven" where only positive feelings and beings are allowed.  You'll also be taught how to return safely and easily from these higher realms to the physical planes so you can reintegrate the information received by your higher awareness into your physical existence and conscious mind, and then emerge yourself safely from self-hypnosis when you're ready to return to full conscious awareness.   A free "Accessing the Spiritual Realms Practice audio" is also included, and you'll use it once a day for at least a week to powerfully reinforce the suggestions and instructions that allow you to easily and quickly move into an extremely high state of spiritual awareness, your "Spiritual Area".  

Journey 3:  Meeting Your Higher Self and Spirit Guide - Once you learn how to easily and quickly access this higher part of your mind, the next step is to begin exploring your Spiritual Area.  You'll begin by learning how to locate and use your wonderful Spiritual Mirror that clearly shows you your true reflection and appearance here in these higher spiritual dimensions, and also how to learn what your own spiritual vibration or name is here in the higher dimensions.  You will also be shown how to call on your own Guide, learn his or her name, their appearance here in the spiritual world, and learn how to receive valuable information from them that will aid your own spiritual growth.  You'll be able to ask your Guide any question you like, and if it is appropriate for you to know the answers at that time, you will immediately be given the information.  You'll also be able to consciously remember all the information you receive from your Guide, and you'll also be taught how to return to your Special Area in the higher dimensions all by yourself and call on your Guide anytime you want.


Journey 4: Self-Healing - Learn how to move to your Hall of Transformation where you will learn how to ignite and raise the Violet Flame of Transmutation, and as you move into it, you will release all that is within you that is not pure.  You'll release all negative energies and beliefs that limit in any way your ability to experience the loving greatness of who you really are.  This Violet Flame is capable of transmuting and transforming all negative energies into positive goodness, and you'll be taught how to bring this Violet Flame of Transformation to others as well.  This inspiring experience is adapted from the Inner Light Consciousness meditation.

Journey 5:  The Temple of Healing - Building on the powerful repeated Self-Healing experiences gained in Journey 4, Journey 5 is an opportunity for practitioners to significantly extend their energy healing abilities to another person wherever they are in the world as an adept Remote Spiritual Healer.  It begins by calling the Higher Self of your client into your presence, and then moving with them to the Temple of Healing, entering your Healing Room, inviting specific Angelic presences to assist in removing all negative influences and energies from their energy field, and providing the most beneficial healing energies to all levels of the client (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), consistent with their own soul contracts and chosen life purpose.

Journey 6:  The Pyramid of Power - Within a special area of our Higher Consciousness, there is a place where The Creator's spiritual powers and abilities can be called upon to bring the highest possible state of healing and wellness to not only individuals, relationships and situations, but also to groups of consciousnesses, including the victims of extended confrontations such as wars, plagues and natural disasters.  In Journey 6, which is inspired by information from Archangel Michael, the experienced Remote Healing Practitioner begins by moving with specific intention.  Here, the energies of the contentious situation, relationship or person arrive at a solution that is mutually beneficial to all parties.  If no such agreement can be reached, Wisdom is called upon to bring balance, harmony and understanding to all parties.  This process can also be extended to bring healing to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity to the degree that each individual soul accepts Creator's gifts.  Creator will always offer, but will not inflict, a healing. 


Journey 7:  Past Earth Lifetime - In this Journey, you'll learn how to read your own Akashic Record, where every lifetime you've experienced, every act or deed you've done, every thought in your mind and every word spoken throughout all your lifetimes, are all permanently engraved onto the skein of time and your soul's memory.  This Journey into a Past Lifetime is not for therapeutic purposes, so your Higher Self will automatically guide you to a very pleasant lifetime, and you'll be able to recall all the images, sensations and actions involved in that previous existence.

Journey 8:  First Earth Lifetime - As you came to Earth the first time, how did it feel as you descended through Earth’s atmosphere into the density of a physical world?  Where on Earth was that first time you experienced having a physical body here on Earth?  What kind of a body did you have?  How did you live?  What did you eat?  What culture were you a part of?  What tools or implements did you use?  What did you learn in that lifetime that would be of benefit?  All these intriguing details and more are available for you to know.

Journey 9:  First Soul Memories - When you first became aware that you existed as a unique individual soul essence, what were you aware of?  What are your very first thoughts as an independent consciousness?  How does it feel to be unique and separate from Creator?  What are your characteristics and abilities?  Do you know why you were created and what are you supposed to do?  Who told you?  What do you decide to do?  Where do you decide to go?  What will you learn there? There you were at the beginning of your experiences in this Universe – did you explore other worlds besides Earth?  Many people have recalled incarnating into very different body forms to understand life on different worlds from very different perspectives – did you?

Journey 10:  Memories of Oneness - Your Guide will take you to the very beginning of your recorded experiences, where your consciousness is a part of Creator’s consciousness, and you are a part of the whole of consciousness everywhere, aware of your feelings of unity and connection with all life in all of Creation.  Here, there is KNOWING and BEING on a level of existence beyond what we can experience on Earth.  There is unity of consciousness and purpose, and all is in perfect balance and harmony.  Yet there is also a great desire to grow and expand, and through that expansion, to learn more of what you are.  And you may have witnessed the creation of universes that are designed as playgrounds in which we can learn and grow, and then bring all that experience back to Creator, allowing even Creator to grow and expand as well.  


Journey 11:  The Akashic Records - Learn how to receive accurate and useful information on any subject or topic whatever.  The information available here in your Library includes all knowledge from the foundations of the universe and before that is not contained in your personal Akashic Record.  All this wisdom and knowledge is available to you here through the interconnection of all minds and the spiritual connection of all minds to Creator -- the Silver Cord that securely tethers each individual to Creator.  We have been promised, "Ask and ye shall receive."  But the Good Book didn't include the 'fine print' - you will receive the information you are seeking IF you are ready to receive and understand the information requested, IF that information will assist you in your spiritual growth, AND IF receiving the information will not bring harm to yourself or to any other living being.  However, along with knowledge comes responsibility - you must also be ready to accept the responsibility of using that knowledge for your own spiritual growth, and for the spiritual growth of others as appropriate.  You're not going to be given next week's Lottery numbers! 

Journey 12:  The Angelic Kingdom - Learn the functions, abilities and responsibilities of the various members of the Angelic Kingdom, including Angels, Archangels, and the Elohim.  Learn more about the spiritual beings who help create and guide universes, galaxies, worlds, and individual souls.  Also, the Angelic Kingdom is overjoyed that we are now beginning to consciously interact with them, and to understand them and their functions much better.

Journey 13:  The Plant and Mineral Kingdoms - The plant and mineral Kingdoms (plants, trees, flowers, earth, minerals, crystals, etc.) can also be investigated to learn more about what their capabilities and functions are in support of each other, in support of Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth, and in support of us humans as well.  The more we learn about these Kingdoms, the better stewards we will be for healthy and mutually supportive interactions with these realms, and with related realms such as the Elemental Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom.

Journey 14:  The Elemental Kingdom - The Elemental Kingdom includes the Earth Element beings such as the gnomes, fairies and elves, the Sprites of the Air Element, the Salamanders of the Fire Element, and the Undines of the water element.  Their actions for supporting the life processes on the Earth and in the atmosphere, and also their interactions with Gaia, the higher consciousness of Mother Earth, and with the Plant, Mineral and Animal Kingdoms are all fascinating learning adventures.

Journey 15:  The Ascension of Gaia - As we continue to work together in cooperation instead of competition, our collective and individual consciousness undergoes an ascension.  This Spiritual Journey looks at the history of mankind on Earth, humanity’s growth, development and evolution as we continue to raise our consciousness into higher and higher levels.  This Journey also looks at how we’re doing in that process, and what we can do better to ensure that we as a race and as a civilization continue to grow and learn together.

Journey 16:  The Golden Age - Looking at the road ahead.  Various cultures have predicted a Golden Age of working harmoniously together, and this Journey looks into likely outcomes and advances in the way we live, our use of energy sources, new governmental and political institutions that really work, global monetary policies, technological advances, increasing health and wellness instead of just treating negative symptoms, and a host of social and civil changes that must and are coming about now and in the near future.  Of course, the farther out we look, the fuzzier the picture becomes because what the future holds depends on what we choose to do now.  Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating and ever-growing, ever-changing landscape for us to shape.

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