Wow Kristina thank you...


Johnny Velvet (my favourite hairless cat) & Past Life Regression...spent an hour or so in deep meditative state to get some healing for my current life...all I can say is, holy fuck I woke up today and felt the most healed I have ever felt in lives...


I understand so much more now and I am ready to go deeper next session.


That’s all I am ready to share at this point...stay tuned

~ Carolyn S, London ON

          Hi Kristina,

Hope you are doing great. been really long but I wanted to let you know that only now and suddenly everything started to make sense!

Thank you, 🙏🙏

~ Sara V, Toronto

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Thank you so much!
I appreciate you.
~ Kristina
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Hi Kristina,

Thank you so much for all the information.


I actually just cried reading that email, like I cried out of relief that it'll be okay. I will do my best to follow and I already noticed some small differences, such as adding a healthy meal in my day. I even felt more productive today and finished 2 assignments.


I really appreciate everything that you have done, you are making a big difference in my life. I will keep in touch and book an appointment again when the timing is right.


Thanks again,

~ Anna, London ON

Hi Kristina,

I just did a 20 minute medication session with myself.


I had put a waterfall sound on and allowed myself to relax, to breathe. I started crying in the bath and when I came out into my bedroom, I had just started bawling. I felt so open, so safe, so comfortable and free.


I haven’t felt like that in so long. 

~ Taylor, Kitchener, ON


Hi Kristina,

Thank you so much for yesterday. What an incredible experience!


I am so grateful for what I learned from it and for the confirmations for things I wasn’t sure of.  


What I want to share with you is that the questions about my marriage that Spririt didn’t answer through hypnosis was answered later through conversation. So Spirit definitely still had things to share with me once I was more alert and open again. Truly amazing!


It will take some time to process everything but I am looking forward to doing just that. Thanks again for everything.


~ Cheryl, Paris ON

Hi Kristina,


Thank you for everything. 


At this time, I can't really seem to muster up the words to express the gratitude and emotion I am experiencing.  

I have lots to think about, lots to process and lots to discover! 

I will do all of it with an open mind and open heart.  I will send along any questions, should they arise. Otherwise, I look very forward to our follow up in a couple of weeks.


Thank you again,

~ Melissa L, Stoney Creek ON


Hi Kristina,It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you again for everything. You have given me a lot to think about and a lot of clarity about certain situations. 


Kind regards,


~ Karissa, London ON

Hi Kristina,


When you introduced the word "aphantasia" to me, it really opened my eyes - haha, pun intended. Of the 5 senses, and having the ability to imagine with the 5 senses, I can "hear" things - besides just my own inner voice.  


Amazing stuff! 

With thanks,


Liana M, ON

          Thank you, Kristina!

It was lovely to meet you and experience your gifts! It felt very supportive and affirming. And I am lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with you. It was an overall wonderful experience!

The flying pigs have been on my mind quite a bit :)

Keep up your beautiful work. All the best to you.

With much gratitude & warmest wishes,

~ Debbie P, London ON


Thank you very much for your efforts with me yesterday. I did feel very comfortable in your company,  and opening up to you - which does not happen often! 


Also thank you for the words of encouragement.  You've definitely put some hope back into my outlook.  

Warm regards, 

~ Nicolas S, Toronto ON




Thank you so much for a phenomenal day. 

So long story short, all is well and seeing you was a huge help for me to really reconnect with myself, my inner child, my soul and getting out of my own way in a sense. I really thank you for your warmth and healing help, my heart feels happy when I think about what took place in your living room. It was truly moving; I feel like I got a lot out of the way and I really wasn't expecting to make that much progress. I can't thank you enough for your kind words, they made me cry again haha. You're wonderful at what you do, and you also have a lot to offer the world! 😍

I'm sure we'll both come back to see your lovely self again!!! 

I hope all is well with you and little John.

All my best,   🤗

~ Janet L, Niagara Falls ON



So I just looked at the photo of the praying mantis that I took from the other day.


And also a gif of two of them dancing and Im noticing that I’m not as triggered!!!  


That’s incredible!

Thank you!!

Cindy K, Chimacum WA

(praying mantis phobia)

         I feel like I’ve known you forever. 


You have such a beautiful vibe about you and it was an honour to work with you. 


I came home and slept for an hour. I listen to some of the audio but I stopped cause I feel like I just have to be to process it. Looking forward to hearing it all. 


I will definitely be in touch!

~ Giselle M, Kitchener ON

          Kristina has pushed me. Put me in situations that forced me to look at me.


Kristina had faith in me when I did not.


She never let me give up.


You will be so at home with her, don't just think about it. DO IT!

~ Kim H, Southwestern ON


     Kristina is very insightful and helped me a lot!


~ Kathy B, Seattle, WA



THANK YOU!  You are amazing at what you do and thanks for sharing what you know with others that are finding their way.  


~ Vi, London ON


Hi Dear friend🤗


I'm doing FABULOUS!!   You changed my life !!! I haven't cried or felt despair/depression once since we met, at least not the tears of loss and despair.   Connecting with my Dad was part of the answer!!!

It's hard to describe the experiences but your gifts CHANGE and HEAL❤️ Thank you for being YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️


When I think of all the counselling, self reflection and education I have done in the past 7 years, only to help me in small ways and then to meet you and through your love, kindness and gifts, HEAL me, literally INSTANTLY, I am beyond grateful and amazed.


It's near impossible to explain but I have tried.  I have spoken to my closest people and they are all blown away by the transformation. They are fascinated by the process and you!!!


You are an amazing GIFT to the world.💞💞💞💞💞🤗🤗🤗


Lots of peace, love and blessings to you❤️


Lots of love to you.


Aka Super Tough Fairy Princess Chick😁

          Hi Kristina!! 


That session really did a number on me (in a good way!)


I was so happy to be able to release some of my tension and frustration from childhood pains that I've been wanting to shed for so long. I feel like I could use another good cry like that - when it surfaces again I'll do my best to sit with it and let it out instead of pushing it down which is SO unhealthy. 


Thank you for encouraging me to let out what so desperately needed to be released. I am so grateful for that long overdue moment. It was so amazing to have someone validate my feelings as I'm used to feeling like I'm either being "too sensitive" or "spoiled" or what have you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


I also am happy to have gotten the insight that I got during the actual session - it was amazing how I had most of the answers I was looking for elsewhere. Having that session helped me tap into my own power. I'm doubting myself less, and loving and praising myself more. What a gift that was!

~ Janet L


                I went to Kristina to see if she could help me with my tendonitis. It’s been bothering me off and on for over 10 years, and I was experiencing a painful flare up which was making it hard to work.


I had pain in both shoulders and arms and wasn’t sleeping well as a result. I have tried various things over the years which helped temporarily with the symptoms but didn’t fix the problem.

After one session with Kristina, the pain disappeared! Thank you so much! It’s been a few months now, and it has never returned. I am so happy and grateful, and I highly recommend working with Kristina.


~ Barb D, Thunder Bay ON

          Thank you!  My QHHT session with Kristina was incredible. I was lead through 2 past lives and connected with my higher self to receive a much deeper insight into my internal and external world.


I attained knowledge that assisted me in understanding my past, shed light on my present circumstances as well as how to move forward in the future. I’ve listened to the recorded session a couple of times since, and continue to gain more valuable insight weeks after the session.


If you’re thinking about contacting Kristina for a session, I would highly recommend it!

~ Ashley N, London, ON

          Kristina is just simply AMAZING. Every time I work with her I always have amazing results.


Not only is she kind, passionate and caring but there is a sense of comfort and trust that comes along with it . If you are looking for real results I would recommend The Good Light Hypnosis.

~ Taylor M, London, ON

          You're easy to talk to and engage back, which I like and is comfortable, so it was an easy choice. 


You are very good at what you do and put a lot of care into it!

~ Elias M, Sarnia ON


          The session gave me insight into the some of the characters in my life. A betrayal I had committed towards a deeply loved one and how I had ultimately betrayed myself in the matter. And the direction of my current life journey.


RATING - Excellent




ANYTHING TO ADD - Highly recommended!!!

~ Braven A, London, ON

          I have had a session for past life and I also did a life between lives session & both were incredible. Kristina has a way of learning what she needs about you to get you to your next level in your session.


I was blown away by what we uncovered!


Definitely recommend.


~ Violet M, London, ON

         I highly recommend The Good Light Hypnotherapy Services. I went to Kristina as a challenging hypnotherapist subject who had difficulty easing into hypnosis. Kristina made me feel relaxed right away, her voice is perfect for hypnotherapy.

Kristina, through her intuition and hypnotherapy skills, was able to get me to a break-through moment where a major block was removed during our session and I was able to access hidden spiritual information that was important to me. Kristina was professional, very patient, and very skilled at finding the areas and avenues that would eventually lead to my breakthrough.

I am very grateful that Kristina was my hypnotherapist and I hope to book another session with her soon.


~ Carlos, Washington, DC

          I had the very good fortune to be guided by Kristina in a Lives Between Lives Hypnotherapy session recently. Kristina's guidance was clear and focused while simultaneously allowing me to be self lead within the experiences that she was facilitating for me.


Kristina's voice and presence are incredibly nurturing, as is the space that she has created for people to experience these deep journeys into self. I would highly encourage everyone who has curiosity around past lives, and especially those who are ready to inquire more deeply into where some of their ingrained and ancestral patterned behaviours may have originated, to book an appointment with Kristina ASAP. 

~ Jocelyn B, London, ON

          I have done a session with her, and would gladly do it again. It has been a very enlightening experience for me. I have a special ability to Astral Project, and she was able to work with my energy to allow me to experience new things. Would recommend this to anybody.

~ Taylor P, London, ON

     It is fabulous that you can go across the world on skype and still feel the amazing connection and energy working together with kristina. I have linked a new business with my paint usiness in toronto and many linked friends there so cant wait to link up in person and do more in depth work with this skilled lady.


~ Carla M, Essex, UK


          Hi there.  Wanted to thank you very much for a session on Thursday for my daughter.  Your kindness, professionalism, friendship and gifts, are greatly appreciated.

Lots of love to you.  💞💞💞💞

~Teresa H, Southern ON

          Thank you for the incredible hypnotherapy session last night Kristina! I felt so calm today and was able to speak up at my meeting today without any nervousness or getting choked up. You are awesome and I can't thank you enough!!! 🙏

~ B.Davies, Northern, ON

          My experiences with 2 different sessions have been life changing. Literally and spiritually. Past life exploration and communication with higher self, gave me insight and guidance to help me heal. Body and mind healing in one session, brought me out of a 4 plus year dark place. Kristina's care and techniques plus the universe's will for healing, saved me. I will be forever grateful to Kristina and look forward to a long life connection to her.




Kristina's compassion and knowledge are very helpful and healing.



There is nothing to improve. Kristina continues her education in a variety of areas.




~ T. Edgar, Southern ON

           I am a firm believer that our body is a barometer for everything that we feel and experience in our lives. Discomfort is not to be masked by pills or other substances, without taking the time to delve into what the root of the discomfort is.


Kristina Le Claire's Mind Body Hypnotherapy sessions are the prescription that I take. 


Kristina has the capacity to guide her clients into their bodies to experience the sensations that get lodged in the tissues, and to then be present with the emotional states that they are connected to.


Through Kristina's guidance, I was able to get in touch with the root of some emotional pain I've been experiencing in the present and see how I had repeated the same emotional 'pain inducing' pattern in my life since the age of 4.


I highly recommend Kristina's Mind Body sessions for anyone who resides in a human body. 

~ Jocelyn B, London, ON