Ways To Chill Out FAST.

Stressed? Short on time and looking for a QUICK way to lose your tension and anxiety? Here are 11 ways to relax + enter the ZEN ZONE in less than 5 minutes.

How to enter the Zen Zone quietly + quickly!

1. Give Yourself A Hand Massage.

Did you know that your hands can carry a lot of tension? There’s nothing like a quick hand massage for instant relaxation to calm you down and give you a quick grounding. According to Louise Hay; thumbs help with emotions like worry…index fingers help to combat fear…middle fingers manage resentment and anger…ring fingers manage grief / sadness and pinky fingers help with family and pretending.

2. Mini-Mind Vacay. If you need a really quick escape, go incognito…..pretend you’re invisible and just daydream for a few minutes. Go anywhere you want in your mind whether it’s to the beach, a walk in the forest or even your favourite spot at home.

3. Pay It Forward

Random acts of kindness of ANY sort will lift your spirits in a way nothing else can.

Here’s 5 quick + easy ways to pay it forward.

1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru

2. Pin $5 to the neighbourhood bulletin board

3. Leave a little note of encouragement for someone to find

4. Buy a few $1 lottery tickets and leave ‘em on a windshield

5. Give someone something when they least expect it (a treat, a meal, a favour)