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Ways To Chill Out FAST.

Stressed? Short on time and looking for a QUICK way to lose your tension and anxiety? Here are 11 ways to relax + enter the ZEN ZONE in less than 5 minutes.

How to enter the Zen Zone quietly + quickly!

1. Give Yourself A Hand Massage.

Did you know that your hands can carry a lot of tension? There’s nothing like a quick hand massage for instant relaxation to calm you down and give you a quick grounding. According to Louise Hay; thumbs help with emotions like worry…index fingers help to combat fear…middle fingers manage resentment and anger…ring fingers manage grief / sadness and pinky fingers help with family and pretending.

2. Mini-Mind Vacay. If you need a really quick escape, go incognito…..pretend you’re invisible and just daydream for a few minutes. Go anywhere you want in your mind whether it’s to the beach, a walk in the forest or even your favourite spot at home.

3. Pay It Forward

Random acts of kindness of ANY sort will lift your spirits in a way nothing else can.

Here’s 5 quick + easy ways to pay it forward.

1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru

2. Pin $5 to the neighbourhood bulletin board

3. Leave a little note of encouragement for someone to find

4. Buy a few $1 lottery tickets and leave ‘em on a windshield

5. Give someone something when they least expect it (a treat, a meal, a favour)

4. Do A Quick Body Scan We don't realize how much tension we carry in our bodies. Pay attention to how you’re holding your jaws, your shoulders and just your overall body. Now, relax it all and notice the change. If you clench a fair amount of the time, over the long run it can cause other problems so start noticing how and where you’re carrying your tension. Doing a quick body scan a few times a day can make a difference in your stress levels by just R E L A X I N G.

5. Remember To Breathe

Is there any simpler way to relax? Taking 3 – 4 long, slow, deep breaths can help lower your blood pressure and your heart rate. Easy peasy, you can do that anywhere!

6. Give Yourself A Quickie. Two tennis balls in a tube sock is all you need for a DIY deep-tissue massage. Stand up against a wall or lie down with the balls positioned where you need them. Using your body weight, work around the tweak, using the attachment points and stretching the surrounding areas to relieve pressure. Trust me, this is amazing and feels great!

7. Make Some Tea

This is my go-to for everything. Had a bad day? Make some tea. Feeling depressed? Make some tea. Company stop by unexpectedly? Make some tea. IDK why, but tea just solves everything.

Relax and chill out fast with a cuppa tea

8. Create Your Own Zen Zone

Finding someplace you can hide out + disappear for even 5 minutes is crucial, especially if you’re in high stress situations all day. Hiding out in a bathroom stall at the office might not sound relaxing, but that’s just one idea. If you have a home bathtub, you have a built in zen zone. Add the 3 C's (cushions, candles,+ crystals) or whatever soothes your soul and "soak up" some solitude. You can also sit in your car, close your office door, or even pretend to be on a phone call. If you’re in a building or office, getting in the elevator, out the door and a quick walk around the building can even help. Just find a spot where you can go to just be still and relax. Set up a small spot, burn some incense and just disappear for a few minutes until the tension lifts.

9. Write It Down “Dear Diary: Today I feel STRESSED.” Just putting our emotions on paper can give them less power. Carry a small notebook or get a notes app on your phone. Trust me, just getting it out there will have you feeling better in 5!

10. Cold Splash. Used for hundreds of years as a water cure, using cold water can help calm you quickly. Also known as hydrotherapy, using ice or cold water can slow your heart rate, resetting you emotionally to a neutral state. Try putting cold water or a bit of ice on your forehead, behind your ears, your wrists or the spot just below your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let your body relax.

11. Try Aromatherapy

It only takes two seconds to breathe in some soothing scents. I call it my 2-second stress silencer. Now, just seeing my little bottle instantly soothes me and I carry my own little concoction wherever I go. Don’t be afraid to mix different oils to create your own personal fave. (p.s. citrus can help you relax by increasing levels of the stress-related hormone norepinephrine.



Kristina Le Claire is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in helping people find their inner light. Her Hypnotherapy and Clinical Practice are designed to empower, showing that anyone can change their life path, regardless of circumstances and to understand that the key in changing their lives is to believe anything is possible. To truly live the life of your dreams, contact The Good Light Hypnosis



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