Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. ​ Every act creates a ripple with no logical end ~ Scott Adams

A big part of my life involves random acts of kindness so from time to time I like to create little events to see who else I can get involved in my little hobby!! Check it out...get really doesn't take much to make a difference in this world...and by doing so, making a difference in your own life. 


Past events

July 1 2018

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This event is happening wherever you are.

This event is easy:

Leave a random note for someone to find

This July 1st, write an encouraging note on a piece of paper and leave it

anonymously somewhere that someone who needs it can find it - and let destiny do the rest!

Doing easy, simple things that help others feel a little better will make you feel a little better too!! xo


the Facebook Event


Christmas stockings to be distributed on Christmas morning to those living on the street.


Hello fellow Christmas Elves!  


If you’re interested in donating, helping out, being a part of this, we’d love to have you! Last year we had well over 100 and it’s always sad when we run out in the middle of a lineup :(


Looking for items such as cans of pop, chocolate bars, chips, crossword puzzle, things to do, playing cards, chewing gum etc. (healthy snacks are always welcome too) 


If you want to donate cash or gift cards that’s cool too.  Timmy’s, Dollar store, grocery store, etc is always welcomed.


Imagine yourself on Christmas morning with nothing but the clothes on your back and nowhere to go.  A little stocking cheer goes a LONG way to someone who’s got nothing. 


**Also, looking for businesses or those that can accept donations at their place of business**


THANK you for reading and we hope to hear from you!


      💙PLEASE consider donating and let’s see if we can set a new record for stockings this year! 💙


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